Feb. 5, 2012

Got Skillz?

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I had a revelation. Always I ask myself what I could have with what I can do. Now I’ve started asking what I can do with what I have.

It’s a little shift but powerful. Like I like the idea of living in Southeast Asia for awhile. I’d been thinking that we could sublet our house and I have a resume that could get me an entry-level ESL teaching position. But that never feels exciting or freeing to me because it’s essentially throwing out the career that I spent my twenties working to achieve. It’s negating one dream to have another. Instead, this week, I’ve started looking at the facts like I can write. I can teach writing, I think. I can set goals and achieve them.

It’s led me to think things like: I can publish my book. I can get writing grants. I can sell my screenplay. I can get freelance work. I can write from anywhere in the world. I can build upon my career and travel the world. With my hubby, of course, who is putting similar types of things on our vision board.

"I can" is more empowering than "I could." I feel inspired.

This Week’s Joys:

An old, olive green scarf from the back of my closet has re-emerged and become the fashion statement piece of my winter!

My husband put all of the groceries away because I have the sniffles. So nice.

I spent all of Saturday working on my novel. That, also, feels empowering.

I’ve started a new habit of finishing things that I’d previously left undone—mostly crafts that have been sitting for years half finished. Feels good.

I’ve decided to buy another sweatshirt like one I got for Christmas because I love it so much even though it’s not on sale and I doubt that I can wear it to work.

The Actor’s Wife’s baby has gotten old enough to hold his own head up. It makes snuggling with him a lot more fun now that I don’t feel so much like I could break him. Is that weird? I’m an almost 33-year-old woman that’s scared of breaking infants just by holding them…

The Accountant and his Wife are about to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. If you were reading this blog last year around this time, you know how incredible it is that they’re together, happy, healthy, and celebrating a decade. Makes me really happy.

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