Mar. 25, 2012

Oh the Things the Easter Bunny Brings

1950s Postcard

Postcard reblogged from Vintage Fangirl.

I can’t describe it other than to say it feels like I’m waking up from a very long sleep. I suppose that’s what spring is about, isn’t it? But this is different. I see where I want to go next in life, even if I’m unclear on how to get there.

I think I’d like to travel from Bangkok to Bombay, maybe circle the Bay of Bengal. I want to publish my novel, for sure, but I’d like time and space to write the next one. I’m glad that I found a way to work a full-time job, get my master’s, and write a book but I hope the next one is easier and includes waking up in a farmhouse and writing during a baby’s naps maybe.

The Fisherman’s wife says that now her little one is over a year old, they are both beginning to be well fed and well rested. He’s happy. She’s bored and itching for an intellectual project to tackle in her newly found quiet time. I like the idea of raising a child and then being ready to write a second book.

But I also want to help people, women, in need. And by “in need” I don’t mean hungry or sick or poor, even though certainly many women need help with those things. I want to end situations in this world where women feel like prostitution isĀ  the only answer for feeding their children, keeping them well, and escaping poverty. I’d like to give silent women a voice and skills and hope. I’d like to do that globally.

I write these things and the air goes right out of my lungs. Excitement. It’s every bit of what is missing in my daily life. I feel like I was meant for more than sitting at my 9-7 job everyday getting fat on bagels and spreadsheets. Weren’t we all meant for more than that?

A change is building for me. It’s coming. I’m trying to remember to take more things to the vision board but, suddenly, finally, I’m finding that my brain is working faster than my cork board.

This Week’s (and a bit more’s) Joys:

THE HUNGER GAMES, THE MOVIE! Saw it in IMAX and it did not disappoint.

Peet’s Coffee at home - why do I ever buy anything else?

Mad Men and Game of Thrones coming back this week - love the anticipation

Wrapping myself in a blanket straight from the dryer and then crawling beneath my regular bed covers with it right before bedtime. Massive heat on cold nights makes for the nicest sleeps.

A painted postcard that I got from Costa Rica catching the sunlight in the morning

The sweet smell of a peppermint candle

Shrimp and scallop burritos - Delicious. It’s my new obsession, even though I’ve only had half of one so far. Once I’ve gone back to the gym, I will have more!

My grandpa - He sent my husband his model train in the mail just as a surprise. He got it when he was a little boy and has now passed it down to my husband. It feels really good when I can see that my family considers my husband their family, too. It’s a special feeling.

Boiled eggs - Okay, admittedly a weird one, but I’ve found that if I eat a boiled egg and a piece of fruit for breakfast, I stay full all the way to lunch with no trouble. It’s been really good for balancing out things like shrimp and scallop burritos.

The Fisherman’s Wife - She was visiting last weekend with her son, which is why I didn’t get a chance to blog. Just love her. Love her. My mind has felt more at ease this week and when I stop to think about it, I feel that it’s the effect of having seen my best friend.

Elvis records - my husband has been playing them in the mornings recently

Haircuts - I’m getting one today after an ungodly amount of time of having not had one. You know when you start to become embarrassed of your hair? I’ve had that for like a month and I finally get to see my hairdresser today. It’s always nice to see her, too. She secretly thinks I’m old but I don’t care because she makes me feel wise.

Anticipation - Maybe it’s spring, like I said before, but I’m really feeling the blossoms of possibility and how planning and looking forward to things can shape my life. Something relatively small, like shelling out $20 to see The Hunger Games in IMAX on opening weekend, to bigger things, like starting a savings fund for a trip from Bangkok to Bombay. These are things I can do, right now, that make my heart jump in its cage and why not bring some of that into my life? Why not?

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