Apr. 2, 2012

Sunny Side Up

Lush Sunny Side Bubble Bar

You see that golden sparkling bubble bar? I just had that in my bath. Yep, $6.15 melted into water and made the surface shimmer like a yellow brick road.

It is expensive but it made me feel good as gold. Now my skin sparkles and, amazingly, my spirit feels a little more dazzling, too. I recommend stepping into Lush and onto the Sunny Side.

This Week’s Joys:

Sunny Side bath

Making better choices when eating out — it’s incredible how something as small as that can start to make me feel more in control of life again. Who knew that choosing tuna fish instead of fried chicken could make such a difference?

Going for a walk when I get frustrated — again, it’s about little choices to take more control back.

Stopping to admire a perfectly formed rose sticking out through the bars of a gate

Water—drinking water seems to always help almost anything that ails me

Waking up to the sound of rain

Aluminum-free deodorant from Lush—I’ve been looking for a deodorant that won’t contribute to my impending Alzeihemer’s so hopefully this is the one!

Driving all the way across town with my husband, randomly, to have lunch at one of his favorite hole in the walls.

Running into a friend when I least expected it, at a time of day that I had no where to be, and sitting down for a long chat.

Buying a new phone. I didn’t like the buying of it. Who could have ever dreamed that these phones of the future would cost so much? But it was really time for an upgrade.

Moving my savings over to a high interest savings account, re-evaluating my 401k, and finally looking into a Roth. My husband read a money book that he loved (called I Will Teach You to Be Rich) and we’re beginning to take all of the steps suggested in the book. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  1. piggyvonninja said: I need to try this bath product! I took my first bath since the twins were born and it was such a nice treat.
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