Sep. 18, 2012

So Long For Now, Mickey!

                   1957 Mickey Mouse Club

Every morning at five o’clock I woke up gasping, until last night. It’s been 13 days since I lost my job and finally I slept through the night. I’ve had this blog for three years. I worked for Disney for five. All of those dreams I’ve been writing about, now’s the time. Don’t you think?

A large part of my anonymity in this blog has been because of my other job, the day job, the full-time job. I didn’t want to blur the line between my professional writing for children and my personal writing for grown-ups. Now, it’s just my writing. There’s no difference between the two.

I’m deeply proud of the community we have here and also of the other community I developed from the ground up for Disney. I think you’ll be really surprised and delighted to finally meet them.

Secret Fifty-Five, Revealed. Thirteen days ago, I ceased to be the head writer and lead producer of a very special blog.

Now, I’m onto some really exciting new adventures. More on that soon …

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