Jul. 8, 2010

Role Reversal

His Girl Friday

My husband does most of the cleaning these days. He does all of our laundry, dusts, and mops the floors. He fills the dishwasher and empties it most of the time. He waters the flowers and makes our bed everyday. Sound good? It makes me feel guilty.

He’s just around more. He works from home while I work away from home and go to school at night, but I still feel guilty. I write the checks for all of our bills, take out the garbage and recycling, buy all of the odds and ins we need for the house, and take him out to dinner at least once a week. But, the odd thing is, we’ve got role reversal. He’s the housewife while I’m the breadwinner and boy is that weird.

Neither of us is comfortable with it. Although I have to say that I’m much cooler with being the bigger earner than I used to be. I used to get angry when my husband earned more than me, because I don’t enjoy sexism in society, but I’d also get mad when I earned more than him, because I didn’t like the feeling of my husband not pulling down the same financial weight in our relationship. Now I’ve chilled. I buy us things—breakfasts out, an inflatable pool, flights to cousins’ weddings. And my husband takes care of things—taking videos back to the store, picking up a loaf of French bread, mailing packages. We’re balanced, weirdly.

Except, I still feel like I should be covering more of that housework and he feels like he should be paying for more meals. Guilt of our sexes nibbling on our asses.

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